Focus – Simplicity – Execution

The only constant in business is change.  Many current best selling services and products did not exist five years ago and may not exist in 10 years.  The way you do business today is not how you did it five years ago or how you will be doing it in five years.  Tools, techniques and people change and your business needs to change to meet the demands of your customers and prospects.

There is a temptation in times of change to complicate business models, try new techniques helter skelter, or “throw the baby out with the bath water”.  17 sts believes that technique should not overwhelm business strategy.  Technique and technology should compliment business.

17 sts is focused on the success of your business through expertise in three area:

  • Marketing Strategy—Aligning business objectives with marketing techniques to drive revenue and earnings in the context of your business is the primary function of a marketing strategy.
  • Customer Value Management—Customers are fundamental to the success of all businesses.  You want to keep the ones you have and get more.  Your competitors do too.  CVM is a set of tools that allow you to measure and manage your value compared to your competitor’s value.
  • Technology Integration to business—This is an area that changes constantly and advantage can be achieved through application of appropriate technology to your situation.

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