Marketing Strategy

Most business owners don’t wake up in the morning thinking about marketing strategy. Most are worried about products and services getting out the door to current customers.  They also want to promote the same products and services to potential customers.

To add the mix, CXOs are confronted with new technologies – Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Texting –  all screaming that they are the key to attracting or retaining customers.

The purpose of a marketing strategy is to present your products and services to the market place so that you attract new customers, retain current customers, and make the most of your advertising and communications budget.

17 sts will work with you through a process designed to:

  • Evaluate your current offerings,
  • Understand why your customers buy your products
  • Evaluate currently technology in the context of your market
  • Assess the best utilization of your marketing budget
  • Design tracking methodology for evaluating marketing ROI
  • Leave you with tools to help you track and evaluate market impact

Our goal is to enable you to manage your business for growth and profitability.