Technology in Business

Many of you will recall when chat rooms and instant messaging were the rage or when desktop video conferencing was going to save us all travel dollars.  Alas, the technology changes at such a fast pace that we can barely set aside money for adoption before the next widget of the day hits the market.

17 sts will help you

  • Understand the technology available for your business
  • Assess the market impact of the technology
  • Assess the human resource impact of the technology
  • Develop an implementation plan for the technology
  • Develop the ROI potential for the technology

17 sts takes on the mindset of your business as we evaluate available technology be that VoIP, Unified Communications Platforms,  social media, SEO, PPC, POS platforms, or other emerging technology.  17 sts is not a shop full of IT professionals that have a set of solutions ready for your business to deploy.  We will help you identify the best in class solutions, sit with you during the evaluation process to ensure you get a valuable solution for your business based on your budget and direction and stay involved as much or as little as you wish after you make the adoption decision.